Value Your Trade at Platinum AutoSport

No matter what make or model you have to trade, Platinum AutoSport is willing to pay top dollar for your trade-in vehicle. Whether you’re trading in a vehicle as part of your next vehicle purchase, or simply want to sell your vehicle to our team, Platinum AutoSport will be happy to work with you. Interested in getting your vehicle appraised? Continue reading to learn more about the vehicle trade in and appraisal process at our dealership.

Why Trade In Your Vehicle at North Point Auto Sales?

For many drivers, selling a vehicle through the private market is a stressful, tedious, and a long process. When drivers choose to trade in their vehicle at a dealership, such as Platinum AutoSport, they’re choosing a much faster and efficient way to get money for their vehicle. Our team will appraise the vehicle’s overall value and make an offer. If accepted, our team will take care of the majority of the paperwork. If you’re interested in purchasing a vehicle from our dealership, we can also put your old vehicle’s trade-in value towards your purchase.




How Much Is My Vehicle Worth?

Multiple factors contribute to a vehicle’s overall trade-in value. A vehicle’s overall condition, market demand, and age are all important factors that our team will consider when assessing the vehicle’s worth. To get the most for their vehicle, drivers are encouraged to keep up with their make and model’s outlined service schedule. Other factors, such as the vehicle’s colour, trim, accessories, and options can impact a vehicle’s value as well.




How Does a Vehicle’s Age Impact Its Value?

The average vehicle experiences the bulk of its value depreciation during the first five years of ownership. However, this doesn’t mean that older models are without value, especially if they are popular and/or in good condition. Even if you’re interested in trading in an older model, our team won’t hesitate to work with you and get it appraised fairly.




Get Your Trade-In Vehicle Appraised at Platinum AutoSport

Wondering how much your vehicle is worth? To begin the trade-in appraisal process at Platinum AutoSport, all drivers need to do is fill out our secure online form, located below. Once we’ve received your trade-in appraisal request, one of our team members will reach out to you and walk you through the necessary next steps. Have any questions about trading in your vehicle or getting it appraised at Platinum AutoSport? Feel free to give us a call at (306) 955-2111, or send us a message directly through our website.